Crisp clean design

A clean design strikes a nice balance between functional and a visually appealing website.
Navigatus Consulting Inc.

Complete candidate management

From start to finish, easily manage all activity related to individual candidates.

Custom surveys

Easily upload and manage custom surveys for applicants based on each specific job position.

Open source technology

With the use of open source technology, silenceIT was able to go above and beyond client expectations.
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Navigatus Consulting Inc.

The Client

Navigatus Consulting Inc, a subsidiary of Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc., is focused on delivering knowledge and experience through the provision of IT and Management Professionals to our clients.

Their philosophy is to fully understand their clients’ line of business and deliver highly qualified IT and management professionals in the areas that require measurable attention.  Navigatus helps organizations achieve success with enhanced leadership skills, building teams, a balance between work and life, and allowing innovation and creativity thrive to optimize client satisfaction.

The Result

As a start up company, Navigatus knew they needed to get their information online and by contacting silenceIT, they did just that. Using open source technology, silenceIT delivered a website that could handle online candidate placement for the government. The clean design along with a solid database for managing government job candidates is the perfect blend between function and aesthetics.

Originally Navigatus was going to use a program similar to excel to build a database, but silenceIT was able to go above and beyond their original idea and delivered a database that could easily handle automated candidate sign up, post job listings online, and is easily integrated into the site where an entire applicant process can be monitored and recorded in one place.

Client: Navigatus
Services: Web Design
Industry: Professional Services