SourceX Application

Ajax-based rich internet application

Our custom-built, Ajax-based platform provides full RIA engagement with a desktop-like look and feel.
Developing a collaborative environment for SourceX Application

Tree-based navigation

Web-based document editing with tree navigation, including drag-and-drop tree editing.

Secure document editing

Collaborative, secured, customized document editing using needs-specific modules as well as general rich text.

Fine-tuning of user permissions

Authentication and authorization system custom-built to the industry being served, allowing fine-tuning of permissions.
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Developing a collaborative environment for SourceX Application

The Client

SourceX came to us with an immense amount of procurement knowledge and a common problem: their ability to provide this knowledge to customers was limited by the number of experienced staff they hand on hand. SourceX wanted to package its expertise and sell it online, with self-serve tools that would make SourceX customers more efficient and therefore more competitive.

We learned from SourceX that most buyers and vendors use simple word processing tools to manage entire procurement lifecycles. This is fine for smaller projects, but totally inadequate for large, government-scale procurement processes.

The Result

silenceit worked closely with SourceX consultants to develop a collaborative environment that enforces best practices across the entire procurement lifecycle. Today, SourceX service is live and in regular use by major corporations and all levels of government.

Client: SourceX
Services: Web Applications
Industry: Professional Services