Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.

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silenceIT pared down the home page and wove point-form value propositions into an animated slideshow.
SRS website receives a makeover

Easy-to-use CMS

We installed a CMS and went to work on content- and metadata-optimized templates with a clean and contemporary design.

Analytics and Webmaster Tools

We created Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts to help track the new website’s traffic and user interactions.

Existing Blog Integration

We implemented a slick feed from our client’s existing blog to the new site’s content database.
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SRS website receives a makeover

The Client

“The problem,” Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. co-founder Andy Akrouche told us, “is that we can’t update it.”

To be sure, the strategic sourcing and relationships management firm had operated its custom-built ASP website, virtually unchanged, for several years. Its original developer had moved on, and no one else at SRS knew enough about the system to properly edit its pages. For Mr. Akrouche, a busy professional-services executive, the time had clearly arrived for a refit.

A longstanding client of silenceIT, Mr. Akrouche gave instructions to enhance his site’s navigation structure, update its graphic design, and repurpose its content to accommodate current visitor usability strategies. In addition, Mr. Akrouche had started his own blog with a hosted service and wanted his posts automatically integrated to the new SRS presence.

Mr. Akrouche wanted this in a week.

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Always one to rise to any challenge, silenceIT immediately installed a CMS and went to work on content- and metadata-optimized templates that matched Mr. Akrouche’s taste for clean, contemporary design.

We pared down the original site’s homepage text to its bare, point-form value propositions and wove these into an animated slideshow overtop an easier-to-read, three-column profile and service grid. Next, we replaced SRS’ sidebar menu with eye-catching horizontal dropdowns, and added interior sliders and accordions to divide content into more digestible portions. Finally, we implemented a feed from Mr. Akrouche’s existing blog directly into the new site’s content database.

As an added bonus, we setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts, and created an auto-generated XML sitemap to guide search engine crawlers through the new presence.

We completed our work, with testing and revisions, in four days. And we have to say, we’re pretty proud of the job.

The new SRS website is a model of efficiency, appropriately befitting the firm it serves. Mr. Akrouche and his staff can login to their new solution, using permission-based profiles, and post updates with ease. Mr. Akrouche’s hosted blog posts are now instantly available on, and the system automatically notifies all major search engines when his site updates.

Given the flexibility of our solution, we expect it to meet SRS’ needs as the company’s professional practice matures and expands.