Hill and Gully Riders

Sophisticated CMS

We built our killer design on a sophisticated CMS with a real-time weather widget, daily trail condition updates, and other custom widgets. Now, Hill and Gully Riders snowmobile club looks so cool, it’ll easily attract new members!
HGR snowmobile club website gets a summer overhaul

Impressive Image Gallery

We developed an easy way for Hill and Gully Riders to upload photos of their club events, trail improvements, and of course their members’ impressive sleds.

Interactive Map

The Hill and Gully Riders website features an interactive map that allows users to chart distances from point A to point B, and to find lodging and necessities in between. We even created a sponsorship program so merchants can advertise their trail locations.

Online Purchase of Trail Passes

To take full advantage of the Internet’s awesome reach, we created a payment-enabled purchasing module so members and unaffiliated snowmobilers can to buy their trail passes online at the Hill and Gully Riders website.

Social Media Presence

We breathed life back into Hill and Gully Rider’s social media presence. Along with default elements like photos and the wall, Hill and Gully Riders now has a welcome page that introduces new members to the club and offers a link to purchase trail passes from their website.
Launch Site
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HGR snowmobile club website gets a summer overhaul

The Client

Well, the weather outside was… spectacular: one of those dazzling late-summer mornings that makes you think twice about coming in for work. We’re glad we did, because that was when Dan Somers, president of the venerable Hill & Gully Riders snowmobiling club of Buckingham QC, reached out to us for a new website.

HGR currently grooms 155 km of trails in a radius stretching from Blanche Lake out to Thurso, La Salette and the Montpelier/Duhamel region. On weekends, HGR operates “The Clubhouse” just north of Blanche Lake, a popular licensed pit stop where members can get light meals, gas, and free parking.

HGR’s existing site was well past its best-before date: a simple three-page brochureware effort that had served HGR well over the years, but was no longer attracting young snowmobiling enthusiasts. Dan’s requirements were straightforward: we need new members, so make us look cool!

The Result

It turns out cool and snowmobiling go very well together. By the end of August, we had an approved design that truly captures the thrill of backcountry sledding. By mid-October, our killer design had been templated onto a sophisticated CMS with enough useful bells and whistles to excite the most Internet-savvy of Dan’s crew.

We expanded the bilingual (English/French) site to include a snazzy image gallery for club events, up-to-the-minute regional weather reports, sponsorship slots for local-area businesses, plus pages for daily trail conditions and retail locations where trail passes can be purchased. Coming next: secure online trail-pass purchasing, and interactive trail maps!

In Dan’s words, the completed project is “crisp, informative and easy to navigate… [an] outstanding job… truly extraordinary. We now have a valuable tool to inform current members, attract new ones, and promote our club in a new and positive light.”

Thanks for the opportunity, Dan. The new hillandgullyriders.com was a great way to beat the dog days of summer.