World Donation Station

Modified CMS Template

In just under five days, silenceIT was able to turn a commercial CMS template into the website World Donation Station had envisioned.
silenceIT builds World Donation Station a home on the web

Google Maps

silenceIT integrated an easy-to-update Google Maps widget so World Donation Station can clearly guide people to its closest drop-off sites.

Contact Form

Contextual contact form directs mail to the appropriate donation station.
Launch Site
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silenceIT builds World Donation Station a home on the web

The Client

An emerging name in goodwill operations, World Donation Station transforms abandoned gas stations into neighbourhood donation hubs. The organization also partners with thrift stores to provide additional collection sites, and offers free home pick-up services for gently-used clothing and household items. WDS then finds local and overseas markets for its donated inventory, and works with community charities to fund programs and services for people in need.

Like any charitable service, WDS relies on the kindness of strangers to keep up its good work. The organization needed a home on the web to promote its service and appeal for expansion sites. But approaching full-service e-business solutions providers wasn’t in the budget.

The Result

Fortunately for WDS, silenceIT has a soft spot for nonprofits. We like to support organizations that give so much to so many for so little in return.

To keep within budget, we purchased a commercial CMS template that appealed to WDS, then modified its cascading style sheet to accommodate the organization’s snappy (but a little oversized) retro gas-station-style logo. We left it to WDS to populate the CMS with content – another way to save money – and offered them a discount on silenceIT web hosting.

With turnkey project delivery in under three days, WDS was able to focus its attention on the rollout of its first station in Salt Lake City, and develop its first charity partnership with the Utah Association for Intellectual Disabilities.

WDS expects its new home on the web to fuel interest in other cities through North America. silenceIT will be along for the ride.

world donation station website

Client: World Donation Station
Services: Web Design