Teaching by the Book

Blog Structure

Using a blog structure to provide a simple way to display book reviews.
Teaching By the Book Launches

Affiliate Program

With their affiliate program, Teaching by the Books incorporated associated books, making it easy for teachers to purchase Canadian literature.

CMS Template

With the use of a CMS template, silenceIT was able to deliver an easy to maintain website with a clean design.

Customer Training

silenceIT provided the necessary training to use the CMS back-end to keep the site up-to-date as well as understanding the blog structure.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Teaching by the Book can gather further knowledge on their audience with the use of the Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts silenceIT setup.
Launch Site
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Teaching By the Book Launches

The Client

Teaching by the Book’s mission is to provide teachers access to book reviews, book lists, and thoughtful lesson plans for language arts for grades one to eight. Retired Canadian educators create lesson plans that have reading books aloud at the centre of each lesson and if you are a teacher in Canada you will love that the books selected help support and promote our culture.

Teaching by the Book wanted a site that was easy to maintain, a clean and simple design throughout the site and a way to understand their visitors. On top of that, they wanted to make sure that the site could help them deliver four goals:

  1. provide meaningful lesson plans
  2. help teachers build a repertoire of useful Canadian books that encourage reading aloud
  3. develop a lesson plans that have a theme
  4. Keeping things simple

The Result

silenceIT was able to help Teaching by the Book deliver their four goals on their website by utilizing a CMS template which allows for a clean design, but also a simple back-end making it easy to keep up-to-date with new literature and lesson plans. Since the website uses a blog structure to populate the site, a bit of blog and CMS training was needed. With the training from silenceIT,  Teaching by the Book will have no problem keeping the site chalk-full of information for teachers looking for reviews on great Canadian literature or thorough lesson plans centred around their mission.

Teaching by the Book also wanted to make it easy for teachers to gain access to the books that are being reviewed so silenceIT was able to incorporate an affiliate program onto many of the pages of the site.

Not only did silenceIT deliver a well-designed, simple to use website, we also set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to help Teaching by the Book get even more insight about their target audience. Teaching by the Book can then use this information to develop their website even further, thus providing teachers with the right tools to help students develop a stronger passion for Canadian literature.