How to open several instances of keepass on apple mac OS

Written by: Emile Givogue in How-To

I personally use keepass to manage several of my password, but I have several keepass databases to share with my team.   Thus, I usually need to have several keepass windows open at once, something that’s not natively supported on the mac client.  You can still open a new instance using terminal and the following command:

->  open -n /Applications/

The “-n” stands for new and this works for several other applications as well.  I also created this quick little video tutorial that demonstrates using the command as well as how to create an automator app that saves you the trouble of opening terminal every time.    I created it really quickly, so its pretty rough. Please let me know what you think, is it too rough? Do I need to polish the videos more for little tips such as this one? Or am I better to just create more videos with that time?

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