Review: 2 free photo editing programs

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Have you ever wanted to edit a photo, but didn’t have the right software? There are a ton of photo editing programs or applications out there, but not all of them are what you are looking for. They can either be too basic or too complex to even resize a picture.

I went searching online for free photo editing programs and found a large list of programs. I spent some time looking over these programs, but decided that I would give a quick review of Photoshop Express Editor and PhotoFiltre.

Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express Editor is an Adobe product, but is free to use online or you can download onto your computer. Adobe products also include Illustrator and Photoshop, but these programs can be quite expensive if you are just looking for a program to make simple edits to photos.

I like that you can use this program online as some people might just want to edit a photo that they can use as their profile photo on Facebook or any other site that requires a profile photo. You can either upload a photo from your computer or if you have an Adobe account, you can grab a photo from your library. You can only upload JPG files that are less than 16 MB. This isn’t too big of a deal since most photos are saved as JPG from your digital camera.

The navigation on the left-hand side is very easy to understand as they use both an icon as well as the text to let you know what tool does what function. The tools that are available are basic, but allow you to do quite a bit of editing. Some of the tools available are cropping, fix red-eye, you can increase or decrease the saturation of your photo and change the photo to black and white. If you want to add a bit more character to your photos you can use the “Decorate” option and find a bunch of options such as adding text, stickies and even costumes.

Photoshop Express Editor allows you to undo or reset the picture if you feel like you’ve overdone it with the edits or the costumes which makes it that much easier to experiment with your pictures. It is also very easy to save your picture. Simply click on the “Done” button and your photo will be saved.

Check out our quick video tutorial on how to use Photoshop Express Editor to crop or resize your photo.


PhotoFiltre is a free program that you can download onto your computer. The installation is fairly simple, but it does ask you if you want to install the toolbar. If you don’t want to install the toolbar, that’s ok. It won’t stop the installation of the program.

PhotoFiltre I find is a bit more complex to use in the beginning. It doesn’t easily explain what each tool does. You basically have to hover over each icon to get a very brief description of what that tool does and the tools that are showing on the toolbar I find they aren’t the tools that you would be using very often if you are just looking for a basic program. It resembles Photoshop a bit more with all of these extra features like the cloning tool, dust reduction and gamma correction. However, with that said, it does have a lot of useful tools found within the top navigation.

Just by spending a bit of time and looking at the drop down menus for “Image”,  “Adjust” and “Filter” you can find great options such as crop, image size, brightness/contrast or for a bit more advanced options you can change the overall colour of the image.

Check out our quick video tutorial on how to use PhotoFiltre to crop or resize your photo.

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