5 ways to build your Twitter following

Written by: Lynn in Social Media, Web Marketing

Do you feel like you have all this great information, services or products that you want to share with everyone on Twitter, but you just can’t seem to get the following that you hoped for? Some people just start following everyone else and hope that they will follow them back, but this only builds quantity followers not quality followers. If someone is following you but is diabetic and you sell cupcakes, they are probably not interested that you have the sweetest icing in town.

With that said, here are 5 easy tips to help you increase your Twitter following.

Use Hashtags

It is amazing how the use of hashtags can help your tweets become more popular and in the end drawing attention to your Twitter account. If you do a search for “cupcakes” on Twitter and then do another search for “#cupcakes” you get two completely different search results as you can see in the images below:

With or without the hashtags you get results with the word “cupcakes”, but in my opinion, if I was a business owner, I would want to appear in the search results using “#cupcakes” as they seem to be a bit more professional.

Manually Tweet about your blog posts

There are a ton of feed apps that you can use to grab all of our blog posts and tweet them for you on Twitter. There isn’t anything wrong with using a blog feed to help you tweet about your blog posts, but if you write your own tweets about your post, you can write something that’s a bit more exciting.

Tweet generated from feed app

Custom tweet for blog post

As you can see, the tweet that is generated from the feed app isn’t very interesting, but the tweet on the right has a stronger call-to-action to get your followers to click on the link. Also, by taking the time to quickly write your own tweet, you can add in hashtags. So, if anyone is searching for “#CSS”, the custom tweet will appear and the one generated from the feed won’t.

Experiment with the times that you tweet

Depending on your target audience on Twitter, tweeting during the day might not necessarily be the best time to get your promotion, blog post, or any other types of tweets to your audience. Most work places block social media sites like Twitter on their computers and unless your audience has their Twitter account set up to send notifications to their phones, your message that you sent at 10 am will be lost by the time they check their Twitter account at 5pm.

Take the time to experiment with the times that you send out your tweets. If you are a bakery, sending your tweets at 4 am might be the best time to reach your audience before they head to work when they are thinking about breakfast or are running late. If this is the case, don’t worry, you don’t have to wake upĀ  early just to send your tweets. Applications like HootSuite will let you schedule tweets so you can sleep in. (I’ve written a blog post about the HootSuite application if you want to know more about this great application.)

Use existing articles/resources for content

This tip is related to the second tip about writing your own blog post tweets. Using existing content to use for your Twitter account is great when you may have a crazy busy day when you cannot find time to think of something catchy or interesting to tweet about. You can use past blog posts, videos you’ve created or anything really as content. Grab an interesting sentence from a blog post you wrote last week and tweet the link.

Retweet relevant content

This is one of the easiest thing that you can do to stay active on Twitter. This also helps show your followers that you are aware of current events that can effect your business. For example, if there is an article stating that vegan cupcakes are healthy, and you make vegan cupcakes, retweet that link.

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