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With a clean and simple design, PoliVote allows you to see the Facebook Application results by riding, your Facebook friend results, popular vote and seats per party.
Voice your opinion about the Canadian Election with PoliVote

Easy-to-use Facebook Application

PoliVote Facebook Application makes it easy to voice your opinion about the Canadian Federal election as well as share it on your Facebook wall.
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Voice your opinion about the Canadian Election with PoliVote

On April 20th, a week after the Canadian Federal election debate, PoliVote, a Facebook Application, was created by silenceIT to see who Canadian’s would vote for in the upcoming election on May 2nd, 2011. By using Facebook as the location for the unofficial voting application, silenceIT was able to reach thousands of voters across Canada .

To use PoliVote simply log into Facebook and add the PoliVote application to your profile. Once the application is installed you can click on it to cast your vote and view the poll results.

Results are broken into four groups :

  1. your friend results (no names are given)
  2. your riding results (automatically applied to your ridingĀ  based on your Facebook user profile)
  3. popular vote
  4. seats per party

To add to it’s complexity we incorporated the option to change your vote as the election progressed as well as the option to anonymously state why you are voting for a particular party.

Once an individual has voted, a notification would appear on their Facebook wall letting their friends and family know that they used PoliVote to voice their opinion.

Client: silenceIT
Services: Web Applications
Industry: Product Development