4 ways to add personality to your Facebook Page

Written by: Lynn in Social Media, Web Marketing

With over 500 million active users on Facebook, it’s getting harder to have your business page stand out amongst the large crowd of Facebook pages. Each Facebook page looks pretty much the same and although Facebook Ads are useful, your Facebook page still needs to be engaging enough for people to click “Like” or those who are already fans to stay interested once they found your page.

Here are 4 simple ways to add personality to your Facebook page making it stand out amongst the rest of the very similar looking business pages.

Profile Photo

You can easily add personality to your company’s Facebook page by creating a unique profile photo. Yes, you should use your company’s logo, but try doing something fun with it! This is one of the first things that people see on your page. Here is an example that one of our designers made that could be used on the silenceIT’s Facebook Page.

Use Various Types of Posts

Depending on how creative you are, you can use text, videos or photos to help bring personality to your Facebook page. If you are creative with words, then perhaps a witty blog post or status update is a great way to add personality. Perhaps you and your co-workers decided to dress up in some of your fantastic secondhand clothing and hold your own fashion show. A video would work 10 times better than writing about it.

Unless you know which type of wall posts your fans like to receive, experiment and see which ones work better. Even if you know that your fans like photos as posts instead of text status updates, it’s always good to have a bit of variety as it keeps things fresh and interesting.

Facebook Applications

Using applications can definitely help add some life to your somewhat plain Facebook page. The Facebook App Directory has a ton of applications available for use. There are quite a few that are directed towards those who use Facebook for personal use, but they do have a business section for apps that you can browse through.

As mentioned before, if you are creative with words, you can use the NetworkedBlogs App to collect all of your blog posts that you write on your own website. This will also allow you to create a separate tab on your Page specifically for your blog. Or if you have weekly presentations at your office, why not use SlideShare to post them to your Facebook Page?

These are just a couple of examples where using a Facebook App on your page can help it become more functional as well as separate your Facebook page from your competitors.

Custom Tabs

As mentioned previously, having custom tabs can help make your Facebook page a bit more like a website. Now that Facebook has introduced the use of iframes, you can create individual tabs that resemble your website creating a nice unison between your website and Facebook page. It’s also a fantastic way to make a great first impression. Pepsi has a welcome tab with a large glass of refreshing Pepsi that you see first instead of their Facebook wall.

Kraft Foods has a welcome tab, but they also have a custom tab called “Outstandwich” where you can browse through their recipes for sandwiches. Once you click on a sandwich you’d like to make, it takes you to their website. This is a neat way to encourage those who like Kraft foods to find a recipe that uses Kraft ingredients and head to the grocery store and buying their product.

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