Easily view candidate tweets for each party

Polichat allows you to see what the candidates are tweeting about within each political party as well as top hash tags and total number of tweets within a specific time period.
The release of polichat.ca

Complete list of Candidates

A comprehensive list of Canadian Candidates, their riding, party and their Twitter handle makes it easy to find a specific candidate on Twitter.
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The release of polichat.ca


With the Federal election just around the corner and social media playing an increasing role in campaign strategies, we felt that there was a vast amount of information within Twitter relating to the upcoming election on May 2nd that has yet to be tapped into, sorted and filtered in a meaningful way. Thus, polichat was created on April 1st, 2011 by silenceIT.

The first release of polichat.ca consisted of breaking down each political party’s list of candidates and gathering their past tweets and compiling it into a database. From there, we were able to provide an overall tweet count for that party, the top tweeters and the top hashtags for each party in the last 24 hours. To give it a visual impact we created a word cloud.

Since then we have included a search phrase and search candidate option and the ability to click on an individual hashtag to see real-time* posts using that particular hashtag. Certain hashtags, #elxn41 #cdnpoli #election41 #fed2011 #election2011, have been omitted due to the fact that these hashtags are being used by all candidates and are not necessarily related to any particular issue surrounding the election or campaign strategies. These 5 hashtags are used more for the sake of drawing attention to their tweets rather than to address a specific concern or issue.

Polichat has a second page titled PoliDebate entirely dedicated to following tweets that revolve around the Canadian debate held on April 12 2011. This page collects the total number of tweets using the  #db8 or #db841 hashtags. Along with the actual tweets, the page displays the top tweeters and the top hashtags that were included in each tweet As well as the most popular tweets based on the number of retweets.

Throughout the campaign, polichat.ca will be releasing new information such as 7 day and 30 day time frames. For all upcoming news regarding polichat.ca, follow us on twitter @polichat_news.

*There is a 2 minute delay of data displayed on polichat.ca

Client: silenceIT
Services: Web Applications
Industry: Product Development