SEO tools you can use to help your website succeed

Written by: Lynn in Web Marketing

It’s not so easy anymore to drive attention to your company’s website what with the thousands upon thousands of other websites online. Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization helps with the process by using keyword density in your content, using proper HMTL text to build your site and using paid search to get your page higher up on the search engine results page. However, if your website is already built, there are some SEO tools that are available to help you figure out if your existing website is optimized for the best search results.

Website Grader

Website Grader is a free SEO tool by HubSpot that allows you to enter in the URL you want to get graded and it will create a report for you. There are various sections that they use to give a score out of 100 points for your website. If you feel like your content isn’t necessarily reaching your target audience, there is one section that lets you know what readability level your site is at.  It also helps identify any missing ALT text for images and whether a blog or Twitter feed can be found.

If your website does not have a blog or Twitter account connected, this can lower your score. The score isn’t really as important as any errors that are listed.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is somewhat of a basic rundown of how your website is doing and does require a Google account. Once you have verified your website with Google, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to help identify any issues your website might be having. Some data that you can find when using Webmaster Tools is if your sitemap has been successfully submitted, links directed toward your site (backlinking is very important in SEO strategies), and what types of search queries people are using to find your website.

Submit Express

Submit Express has both free and paid services available. One free tool that I like is the Meta Tag Analyzer. This checks your website for the status of your meta tags (keyword, title and description) and lets you know if things needs to be improved to help with your website’s position on search results. Each search engine has their own algorithm for search results so make sure your meta tags are properly done.

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