3 useful Apps for your Facebook Business Page

Written by: Lynn in Social Media, Web Marketing

There are all kinds of apps that are available for Facebook and most of them are targeted for individual pages, but there is an entire section dedicated to business apps that you can use on your Facebook business page. Here are just three of the many suggestions of useful apps that you can use on your Facebook business page.

Blog App

If you have a company blog, why not share it on Facebook where you can reach an entirely new audience than those that visit your website. There are few ways that you can promote your blog post on Facebook. The first way is to copy and paste a link of blog post and write a little status update each time you write a blog post.

The second way is to install Twitterfeed app that will grab all future blog posts from your website’s blog. This will just add them to your wall and will appear within all types of wall posts. Twitterfeed is quite simple to use. Create an account, install the application on Facebook (or Twitter) and all you need is access to your RSS feed. Twitterfeed will just create a post using the first few characters and doesn’t really provide an interesting post.

The more extensive option for displaying your blog posts on your Facebook business page is to install an app like NetworkedBlogs. NetworkedBlogs will give you an option to have a custom tab on your page providing a designated area for all of your blog posts. The set up isn’t as simple as Twitterfeed since you need to add your blog to their database before you can create a tab, but it does help promote your blog at the same time since others can grab your blog and add it to their page.

“Like” App

Not sure if you would consider this an app, but it is quite useful to have on your Facebook business page if you want to increase the total number of “Likes”. If people can gain access to all of your Facebook content just by clicking the video links, photos or even custom tabs without having to “Like” your business page, then it’s difficult to give them a reason to have your business page associated with their name.

North Social has an app called “Fan Offer” where if you install this application on your Facebook Business Page, once someone likes your page, they get a special offer or coupon. This encourages those to “Like” your page and to reward them with something for doing so. Depending on your industry, this could be a coupon for a free cookie from your bakery or it could be exclusive access to a report that your company developed.

Newsletter Sign-Up

This type of app is useful if you have a newsletter that you send out and you want to build your list or if you are just starting out and want to start creating a list knowing that in the future you will be using direct email marketing. Your company may already have an account with an email marketing service so make sure that the application you add to your page is the same as the existing email marketing service.

MailChimp and Constant Contact are just some of the few newsletter apps that you can add to your Facebook business page. The set up varies with each service, but in the end can help promote and grow your direct email marketing campaigns.