Gowganda Lake Lodge

Visually Stunning Design

The use of a visually strong layout highlights the amazing views found at Gowganda Lake Lodge.
Gowganda lakes

Picture Gallery

An intuitive picture gallery makes it easy to share the fond memories created at Gowganda Lake Lodge.

Easy to Navigate

With the easy-to-navigate website, you can find all sorts of activities and accommodations available at Gowganda Lake Lodge.
Launch Site
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Gowganda lakes

The client

Gowganda Lake Lodge is a beautiful four season resort located on the north shore of Gowganda Lake in the heart of northern Ontario’s amazing wilderness. The lodge offers a variety of activities including fishing, hunting, water sports and ATV adventures.

When Gowganda Lake Lodge first called us we were struck by two things. First was how incredibly beautiful their location was and secondly how the current site was not doing it justice. The team at Gowganda have a great product but it just wasn’t getting the treatment it deserved.

The Result

Looking through their photo collection we knew that the location was going to be a key selling feature and we needed to put those images front and center. silenceIT used a visually stimulating modified CMS template to highlight the amazing scenic views that can be experienced when visiting Gowganda Lake Lodge and the use of rustic wood panels in the background accents the images and bring a cottage-like atmosphere to the site.

With the use of photos found in the picture gallery and throughout the website¬† featuring past satisfied cottagers, hunters, fishers and other customers, the end result is a site that reflects that great feeling you get when you look at your vacation pictures. Rain or shine, you’ll never regret the time you spend with friends and family at Gowganda Lake Lodge.

Client: Gowganda Lake Lodge
Services: Web Design
Industry: Recreational