Setting up Google Analytics for your website

Written by: Lynn in Web Marketing

Google Analytics shows you who has visited your site, how they found it and what they are viewing once they reach your website. With the useful information gathered using Google Analytics, you can then improve your website to increase the number of visitors, encourage interactions and even make more money on the web.

Adding Google Analytics to your website is fairly simple to do as long as you have access to your website code.

  1. You can log into Google Analytics with your existing email or by creating a gmail account. If you use your existing email you will need to create a Google Account.
  2. Once you have your Gmail account or your Google Account set up, log into Google Analytics and add your website by clicking the “Add new account” link.
  3. Next click the “Sign Up” button and enter in the URL, the account name (this can be the name of your company), the time zone and country.
  4. When you click continue you will be provided with a bit of code that needs to be added to the footer of your website. This code must appear on every page of your website in order to receive accurate data of the type of traffic, what pages are being viewed, etc.
  5. Once you add the code to your website it can take up to 24 hrs to have your website verified by Google and the results are about a day behind. The status section will let you know if it’s been verified or if still cannot get stats for your website.

If you plan on sharing your Google Analytics results with others, but don’t want to give them the log in information to your account, you can link theirs up by clicking the “Edit” link under the website profiles section.

Click the “Add User” link, add the new email account and click “Save changes”.

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