Setting Up Google AdWords

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Google Adwords are paid search results that appear at the top or right-hand side of a search results page on Google. Google Adwords can help with your search results and drive more traffic to your website and ultimately increasing interactions and sales on your website.

Here is a quick step-by-step walk through on how to set up your Google Adwords campaign.

Logging into Google AdWords

  1. You can create a Gmail account or use your existing email address (but first you will need to create a Google Account).

Creating a new Campaign

  1. Click the “Campaigns” Tab
  2. Click “New Campaign” and enter in the settings for your new campaign
    • Campaign Name
    • Locations and Languages – Here you can tailor the campaign to country, province or city. For example if you want the campaigns to only run in Ontario, select “Province: Ontario”
    • Networks and Devices – Devices will let you choose whether or not you want both mobile and desktop/laptop or just one type of device. Networks allow you to choose between Search and Display Network. Display Network is a list of directories that your ad would appear on, for example,
    • Bidding and Budget – you can choose between manual and automatic bidding (automatic bidding is probably the best option if this is the first time setting up a Google AdWords Campaign) and enter in the total amount of money you would like to spend per day for this particular campaign (you can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously).
    • Ad extensions – allows you to set location (even more specific than the first opportunity to set the location for the campaign), multiple links to your ad or a phone number.
    • Advanced Settings – allows you to specify when your ads will be displayed. For example, if you are running a breakfast special, you ‘d want your ad to run between 5 am and 10 am and not at 1pm. This will help with spending your campaign money at times that will provide the best results.
  3. Click the Save Button

Create Ad Group

An ad is most successful when the keywords appear within the ad, so it’s best to create multiple ad groups that only contain one or two ads. If you sell custom socks, but also sell custom headbands, you would want to create an ad group for custom socks and then an ad group for custom headbands as the keywords for each ad would be quite different.

  1. Name your Ad Groupif the ad group only has one ad, simply title the ad group the same as the headline of the ad.
  2. Choose which type of ad you’d like to create (this blog post only deals with text ads)
  3. Create your Ad
    • Headline – maximum 25 characters (including spaces)
    • Description line 1 and 2 – maximum 35 characters (including spaces)
    • Display URL – this is a vanity URL and doesn’t have to be the exact link and is only 36 character limit. An example of a display URL is:
    • Destination URL – this is the actual URL. For the previous example, the actual URL is: This URL is too long for the display URL so the display URL is used.
  4. Add Keywords – keep the keywords to a minimum as it will help narrow down your target audience.

Initially it is a good idea to review and modify your campaigns progress on a daily basis. By making small changes to your text you can hone your message and increase your adds efficiency. If monitored and managed properly your AdWords campaign can result in new leads, increased site traffic and ultimately sales.

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