Web application developer (Frontend)

Position summary

We are presently looking to add a web application developer to our team.  The core of this job will be centered around developing frontend code for medium to large scale web applications on a LAMP stack, primarily integrating front end functionality to a backend application framework.

This position requires thorough knowledge of Javascript, PHP and HTML/CSS.  Previous experience with some sort of PHP framework is required (Zend framework, Kohana, Symphony and CodeIgniter are examples of such frameworks), however, extensive knowledge of an open source application may apply.

As a frontend developer at silenceIT, you will be working in a team of three developers under a team lead to develop medium size stand-alone web applications in various fields such as ecommerce and/or business solutions.  You will also work on extending presently developed system as well as extending open source solutions to meet customer needs.

Positions requirements

  • Thorough knowledge of Javascript
  • Javascript library knowledge (jQuery, Mootools, EXT JS, etc…)
  • Previous experience with PHP framework
  • Solid understanding of AJAX
  • Intermediate HTML/CSS skills
  • MVC knowledge


  • Database and SQL knowledge
  • Previous experience working on ecommerce solutions
  • Magento, osCommerce experience
  • WordPress experience
  • User experience design and/or testing

How to apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to careers@silenceit.ca.  The cover letter should address how your previous experience and/or knowledge meets the requirements outlined in the position summary and explain why you are a good fit for silenceIT.

Applicants who do not provide a cover letter will not be evaluated.