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Stock Photo Sites: Where to find the right photo for your project

4 stock photo websites where you can find what you need for your next project within your price point. These sites range from free to a monthly subscription.

The Florida Store Property Management cleans house

The Florida Store Property Management was paying too much for hosted vacation property booking software, until silenceIT built a website that reduced their monthly fees.

New Gap logo missed the mark on the Millenials

With a tool like Facebook to easily bring like-minded people together about a situation or cause, it is much easier to voice your opinion and potentially make an impact. That’s what happened with the “new” Gap logo.


What’s new in PHP6 and HTML5? Let’s have a look at the new features we can start using soon!

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion technique has been evolving since 1898. Since then movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Star Wars Trilogy and the Indiana Jones Series and tv shows as Coraline and Gumby have used stop motion animation.

Colour and its effects

Without realizing it, the colours you see in your day-to-day tasks can have an impact on you. Most colours have frequently used words to describe the feel or mood of that particular colour. This certain mood or feel can vary depending on the individual and even culture.

Branding and Corporate Identities

Branding is vital to a company’s success. It can be as simple as a colour choice or as complex as a corporate identity and a marketing slogan.

Blender 3D

Blender 3D is an amazing open source 3D graphic modeling application. Blender is a very powerful 3D graphic modeling application comparable to other expensive high-end 3D software such as 3DS Max and Maya.

Colour Theory

In design, the relationship between colours plays an integral part in the overall look and feel of an image. A brief overview of colour theory and some terms used.