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Setting Up Google AdWords

Google Adwords can help with your search results and drive more traffic to your website and here is an easy walk through on how to set up your Google Adwords Campaign.

The release of

On April 1st, 2011, was created to tap into, sort and distribute Twitter’s vast information regarding the upcoming Federal election to the general population.

Voice your opinion about the Canadian Election with PoliVote

On April 20th, a week after the Canadian Federal election debate, PoliVote, a Facebook Application, was created by silenceIT to see who Canadian’s would vote for in the upcoming election on May 2nd, 2011. By using Facebook as the location for the unofficial voting application, silenceIT was able to reach thousands of voters across Canada [...]

How to Track Contact Form 7 Submissions with Google Analytics

If you use Contact Form 7′s implementation of _trackPageview to track form submissions, and the AJAX messages no longer appear, here’s a useful workaround.

Teaching By the Book Launches

Using a CMS template, silenceIT was able to deliver a well-designed website with a simple back-end making it easy to keep up-to-date with new literature and lesson plans.

silenceIT builds World Donation Station a home on the web

Like any charitable service, World Donation Station relies on the kindness of strangers to keep up its good work. Fortunately for them, silenceIT has a soft spot for nonprofits.

Hill and Gully Riders: Snowmobile Trail Passes available online!

Buy your snowmobile trail pass online on the Hill and Gully Riders website!

Raising Celebrities from the Dead for World AIDS Day

Celebrities are digitally dead on Facebook and Twitter. Help raise funds for Keep a Child Alive and bring celebrities back to life.

Celebrities go silent on Twitter and Facebook for a good cause

As of December 1st, celebrities will go silent on Facebook and Twitter for a good cause – World AIDS Day.