• Modular or á la carte services
  • Single-source cost- and time-saving benefits
  • Standards-based development framework
  • Collaborative work processes
  • Risk-free future growth

How do you measure e-business success?

Is it by the size of your web developers’ portfolio? Or by the “WOW factor” of their designs? Or by the number of “Internet visionaries” embedded in their management team. No?

Then perhaps you measure e-business success in terms of sales, or cost reductions, or productivity, or customer satisfaction. Perhaps all four.

At silenceIT, we believe the web is a powerful channel. One that requires an integrated strategy to identify products and services that benefit from e-channel adoption, and which generates value for internal and external stakeholders.

In regular English: we believe the web means business.

silenceIT is Ottawa’s single-source provider of strategic web marketing, rich Internet application development, and e-business IT solutions. We build web platforms and not just web presences. Our approach is modular, scalable, and truly end-to-end – with all of the efficiencies you would expect from a single point of contact and single billing source.

We work collaboratively with our clients, from planning through to deployment and beyond. We ensure your e-business objectives aren’t just lip service to bottom-line efficiencies, but measurable value you deliver to your company by maximizing the value you deliver to your customers.

More than pretty faces: websites that work.

If you’re online for business, call us.