Ottawa Web Application

silenceIT has deep experience in the development of web applications for Ottawa-area businesses.
Our collaborative agile methodology, vast reusable code library, and open-source expertise radically shorten time-to-market and reduce deployment costs.

Whether your project requires a full-blown SaaS, mobile app, or custom build for external or internal stakeholder use, silenceIT’s end-to-end service takes you from concept to launch with reduced risk and total transparency.

SaaS Applications

Delivered online and always up-to-date, SaaS provides front- and back-office efficiencies that are unmatched by per-seat licensing models. silenceIT offers a complete range of custom SaaS solutions. Our unique, multidisciplinary focus unleashes your ideas faster, more securely, and to highly receptive customers.

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Mobile Applications

With today’s breathtaking advances in wireless networking, customers demand engaging applications that offer continuous access to the services they need, no matter where they are. That’s why silenceIT is a better partner for your big idea. We’re mobile app addicts. Not only do we get it, we know how to monetize it. Across platforms. For all industries. To all users.

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Customer Self-service Applications

24/7 support and immediate access to information, without having to wait for an email response or a returned telephone call. Ottawa customers expect it, and you can deliver it – when you choose silenceIT to design an e-support application that brings your enterprise to the next level of customer relationship management.

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Collaborative Corporate Portals

Corporate portals are powerful alternatives to desktop applications. Cloud-based productivity, collaboration, and relationship management at a fraction of the true cost of commercial software. Centrally managed and easy to deploy. Platform- and vendor-independent. Backed by silenceIT’s expert data migration, training, and upgrade services.

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Custom Workflow Web Applications

In today’s business environment, workflow automation is an operational imperative. It’s all about streamlining business processes, improving profitability, and maximizing efficiency: a tall order, even for Ottawa’s largest enterprises. And, happily for you, a core silenceIT competency: we understand process-driven companies, and can embed workflow in areas you may not have thought possible.

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