CMS-driven Web Design

Web content is valuable only if it makes the sale, delivers the service, and builds the brand. Whether off-the-shelf open source or heavily customized to suit your needs, a CMS- (Content Management System) driven website.

  • Delivers a more dynamic, timely, and relevant digital experience
  • Allows visitors to actively communicate with your company, and other customers, through Web 2.0 features
  • Fosters a collaborative, standards-based environment that involves more of your staff members in customer issues

Focus internal stakeholders on customer-centric innovation. Increase satisfaction. Encourage brand loyalty. Generate revenue!

Why silenceIT?

silenceIT has expert-level proficiency with multiple open-source content management systems. Unlike other Ottawa-based web design firms, we can recommend a solution that best suits your needs; we don’t try to shoehorn you into the one package we know best.

Our custom-designed CMS templates make the most of each package’s unique technical features. That means your new website is strongest in areas that generate the most value, for you and your customers.