Mobile Web Design

There’s no denying the mobility juggernaut. In 2010, both eBay and Amazon recorded over one billion dollars apiece in sales originating from mobile devices.

In spite of bandwidth constraints and device limitations in the mobile content delivery chain, consumers expect their mobile Internet experience to be on par with the wired desktop.

However, unlike the wired Internet, there are few insights into the end user experience on which your business’ success increasingly relies. A poorly performing mobile website can negatively impact your bottom line.

When developing content for mobility, it’s important to look beyond the browser.

Why silenceIT?

Understanding is the key: how mobile users behave, and which authoring tools provide the most affordable, efficient, and universal experiences to satisfy their rapidly evolving needs.

silenceIT web designs look beyond browser-based interaction to include mobile devices and the many ways they deliver content directly into the hands of your customers.

SMS, MMS, QR codes, video, podcasts, apps, and more – we consider them all when defining content delivery channels for your business. Our approach keeps you current with the rapidly-changing mobility ecosystem, yet flexible enough to anticipate emerging content delivery technologies.