Direct Email Marketing

It should go without saying: email marketing works!

Despite this well-worn fact, most organizations still miss valuable opportunities to collect email addresses and maximize the impact of their direct marketing campaigns. A full-service silenceIT creative development and marketing initiative:

  • Identifies innovative new collection points to expand your opt-in database
  • Delivers multichannel content based on subscriber email capabilities
  • Personalizes targeted mail based on subscriber preferences
  • Uncovers new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with A/B split mailings
  • Analyzes response rates to refine campaign messaging

Why silenceIT?

For us, direct email marketing strategy doesn’t end when we click Send. Our full post-mailing analysis tracks opens and clicks through to conversions, so you know which messages get results. Social media integration spreads the word through Facebook and Twitter. And our comprehensive selection of bulk email tools means you’ll always have access to industry-leading technology for your direct marketing efforts.