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How to tag a friend in your Facebook status update

A quick tip video from silenceIT showing you how to tag your friend in a Facebook status update.

HootSuite App for iPhone: Review

HootSuite is the third iphone app that I’ve reviewed to help you manage your many social media accounts. Hopefully this will help decide which app is right for you.

TweetDeck App for iPhone: Review

TweetDeck offers a desktop and smartphone app solution to help individuals monitor their many social media accounts. Here is a quick review of the TweetDeck for iPhone application.

How to change your Facebook contact list privacy settings

A quick tip video on how to change your privacy settings for your contact list. This is helpful if you don’t want everyone to know who you are friends with.

The new Facebook profile and the photos feature

Discussing about the new Facebook profile page, how you can get creative with the new layout and some suggestions to improve the 5 chosen images.

Beyond Retro Blog

Beyond Retro wanted a completely new layout for it blog that resembles what one might find in any fashion magazine.

Raising Celebrities from the Dead for World AIDS Day

Celebrities are digitally dead on Facebook and Twitter. Help raise funds for Keep a Child Alive and bring celebrities back to life.

Celebrities go silent on Twitter and Facebook for a good cause

As of December 1st, celebrities will go silent on Facebook and Twitter for a good cause – World AIDS Day.

Facebook Introduces Deals

Facebook announces a new feature called Deals which will allow local businesses to offer deals when someone checks in to their business on Facebook.