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How to open several instances of keepass on apple mac OS

I personally use keepass to manage several of my password, but I have several keepass databases to share with my team.   Thus, I usually need to have several keepass windows open at once, something that’s not natively supported on the mac client.  You can still open a new instance using terminal and the following command: [...]

PGP/GPG: Privacy and security through encryption

PGP is both an encryption program and a standard, originally created by Philip R. Zimmermann. Both it and its open-source counterpart GPG are in active development. Read this article to learn more about it, its history, digital signing, encryption and more.

VoIP Security 101: A Brief Look at the Security Threats

VoIP is a relatively new technology and is facing a lot of challenges in competing with traditional telecommunication using TDM technology such as security. Here is a look at the top VoIP threats and how to avoid them.