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How to add a Facebook app to your profile

A quick tip video from silenceIT showing you how easy it is to add a Facebook App to your profile.

Comparison of 3 social media management iPhone Apps

Here is a quick visual to help you decide which app, Yoono, TweetDeck or Hootsuite, you would like to use to help you manage your social media presence.

How to remove or edit a Facebook App

A quick tip video from silenceIT showing you how easy it is to remove or edit your settings for a Facebook app.

Yoono App for iPhone: Review

To manage multiple social media accounts, applications, such as Yoono, have been developed. Here is a quick review of Yoono for iPhone to help you determine if this application suits your social media managing needs.

Facebook Credits – A growing trend for 2011?

Facebook credits seems to be a growing trend (as well as a new source of revenue for Facebook) and will become even more common in 2011 with the trend of Facebook games increasing.

Facebook Introduces Deals

Facebook announces a new feature called Deals which will allow local businesses to offer deals when someone checks in to their business on Facebook.

Promoted Tweets are upon us

Promoted Tweets only appeared in search results, however, Twitter just announced that Promoted Tweets will now appear into user streams.

New Gap logo missed the mark on the Millenials

With a tool like Facebook to easily bring like-minded people together about a situation or cause, it is much easier to voice your opinion and potentially make an impact. That’s what happened with the “new” Gap logo.

Creating the right Facebook Page for your company

There are two types of Facebook Pages: Official Pages and Community Pages. The following post will help guide you in the right direction as to which Facebook page is right for your company.