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The Florida Store Property Management cleans house

The Florida Store Property Management was paying too much for hosted vacation property booking software, until silenceIT built a website that reduced their monthly fees.


What’s new in PHP6 and HTML5? Let’s have a look at the new features we can start using soon!


PHP-IDS is an open-source IDS made for and in PHP. It is a collection of blacklist filters designed to detect common (and less common) intrusions that can occur in PHP applications, such as SQL injections.

Introduction Database Design

Any serious web developer understands the importance of a strong database design for even the simplest of web applications. This article will cover some of the basics of database design and relevant tools.

Icons in website design and web applications

The use of icons has run rampant on today’s website, their ability to relay information using reduced real-estate, availability of augmented bandwidth and overall appearance are some of the major influences. However, icons may not always be the best solution, sometimes confusing users and cluttering web pages, they may even go against the web 2.0 philosophy of less is more.


Flex 4, code named ‘Gumbo’, is now under development and due to be released in early 2010. Flex 4 is being developed with three main themes: Design in Mind, Developer Productivity and Framework Evolution.