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Helping the Local and Global Community with Used Clothes Donation Drive

The client Bank & Vogue have been in the recycled goods industry around the world for the past 15 years.  Used Clothes Drive (UCD) is a new service and site produced for Bank & Vogue to help raise funds for  schools, churches, sporting or community groups. UCD helps organizations to run successful clothing and mixed [...]

silenceIT builds World Donation Station a home on the web

Like any charitable service, World Donation Station relies on the kindness of strangers to keep up its good work. Fortunately for them, silenceIT has a soft spot for nonprofits.

HGR snowmobile club website gets a summer overhaul

silenceIT builds a ‘crisp, informative and easy to navigate’ website for the venerable Hill and Gully Riders snowmobiling club of Buckingham, Quebec.

Icons in website design and web applications

The use of icons has run rampant on today’s website, their ability to relay information using reduced real-estate, availability of augmented bandwidth and overall appearance are some of the major influences. However, icons may not always be the best solution, sometimes confusing users and cluttering web pages, they may even go against the web 2.0 philosophy of less is more.