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How to open several instances of keepass on apple mac OS

I personally use keepass to manage several of my password, but I have several keepass databases to share with my team.   Thus, I usually need to have several keepass windows open at once, something that’s not natively supported on the mac client.  You can still open a new instance using terminal and the following command: [...]

Teaching By the Book Launches

Using a CMS template, silenceIT was able to deliver a well-designed website with a simple back-end making it easy to keep up-to-date with new literature and lesson plans.

SRS website receives a makeover

The new SRS website is a model of efficiency, appropriately befitting the firm it serves. We expect it to meet SRS’ needs as the company’s professional practice matures and expands.

Bing Webmaster

Reviewing some of the features, highlights and short-comings of the Bing Webmaster Center.

Website Analytic Tools

There are a multitude of analytic tools and services out there that allow you to analyze the traffic coming to your website. Besides the infamous Google Analytics, there are a few other great and innovative tools that can help your gauge the success of your website, it’s design and improve your SEO.

PGP/GPG: Privacy and security through encryption

PGP is both an encryption program and a standard, originally created by Philip R. Zimmermann. Both it and its open-source counterpart GPG are in active development. Read this article to learn more about it, its history, digital signing, encryption and more.

Beyond Retro

When Beyond Retro approached silenceIT for its web presence, we immediately understood that our work would have to capture the vibrant, creative spirit that East Londoners have grown to know and love